Number of Listed Shares 479,001,600
Par Value / Share EGP 1
Autorized Capital EGP 1,000,000,000
Issued Capital EGP 479,001,600
Paid Up Capital EGP 479,001,600
Shareholders % Held
Free Float 51.67
Shareholders With More Than 10% 48.24
Total Unlisted Shares 0.075
Board Members 0.012
Year Founded 1977
Fiscal Year 1 January : 31 December
Law of Governance Provisions of Investment Law No. 230, which was replaced by the investment incentives and guarantees
Legal Form of Company Joint Stock Company (S.A.E)
Auditor Name Hazem Hassan (KPMG) and Nasser Abu Al Abbas Ahmed
Purpose of Company The company’s objective is represented in producing, raising chicks and producing life stock fodder, mix preliminary ingredients and producing hatching eggs and participating in similar projects domestically and overseas.
Headquarters 32, Mourad Street, Giza, Egypt
Fax: +20 2 5726 485 | +20 2 5696 246
Phone: +20 2 3571 4124 (9558)
Asneet Branch Asneet, Egypt
Phone: 013-2521585)
Toukh Branch Toukh City, Egypt
Phone: 013-2460924)
Shebeen El Kom Branch Shebeen El Kom, Egypt
Phone: 048-2260432)
Zagazig Branch Zagazig, Egypt
Phone: 055-2294531)
Mit Ghamr Branch Mit Ghamr, Egypt
Phone: 050-6960545/ 050-6954509)
Samanoud Branch Samanoud, Egypt
Phone: 050-6492425)
Al Zarqa Branch Al Zarqa, Egypt
Phone: 057-3857978)
Jomsah Branch Jomsah, Egypt
Phone: 050- 2821666)
Kafr Al Dawwar Branch Kafr Al Dawwar, Egypt
Phone: 045-2213881)
Sanata Branch Sanata, Egypt
Phone: 040-5470565)
Minya Branch Minya, Egypt
Phone: 086-2365803/086-2351835)
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